Tulip  5.1.0
Large graphs analysis and drawing
tlp::GlComposite Class Reference

#include <GlComposite.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GlComposite (bool deleteComponentsInDestructor=true)
 ~GlComposite ()
void addGlEntity (GlSimpleEntity *entity, const std::string &key)
void deleteGlEntity (const std::string &key, bool informTheEntity=true)
void deleteGlEntity (GlSimpleEntity *entity, bool informTheEntity=true)
GlSimpleEntityfindGlEntity (const std::string &key)
std::string findKey (GlSimpleEntity *entity)
const std::map< std::string, GlSimpleEntity * > & getGlEntities () const
virtual void getXML (std::string &outString)
void reset (bool deleteElems)
void setDeleteComponentsInDestructor (bool deleteComponentsInDestructor)
virtual void setStencil (int stencil)
virtual void setWithXML (const std::string &inString, unsigned int &currentPosition)
virtual void translate (const Coord &mouvement)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tlp::GlSimpleEntity
 GlSimpleEntity ()
virtual ~GlSimpleEntity ()
virtual void draw (float lod, Camera *camera)=0
virtual BoundingBox getBoundingBox ()
int getStencil ()
bool isVisible () const
virtual void setVisible (bool visible)

Protected Attributes

std::list< GlSimpleEntity * > _sortedElements
bool deleteComponentsInDestructor
std::map< std::string, GlSimpleEntity * > elements
std::vector< GlLayer * > layerParents
- Protected Attributes inherited from tlp::GlSimpleEntity
BoundingBox boundingBox
std::vector< GlComposite * > parents
int stencil
bool visible

Detailed Description

GlSimpleEntity used to agregate other GlEntity.

This class provide basic container to manage other GlEntity

See also

Definition at line 39 of file GlComposite.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlComposite::GlComposite ( bool  deleteComponentsInDestructor = true)


deleteComponentsInDestructorif true : call delete on components when the GlComposite is delete
tlp::GlComposite::~GlComposite ( )


Member Function Documentation

void tlp::GlComposite::addGlEntity ( GlSimpleEntity entity,
const std::string &  key 

Add new entity with name : key.

The composite does not takes the entity's ownership, i.e. it is not its responsibility to delete it.

void tlp::GlComposite::deleteGlEntity ( const std::string &  key,
bool  informTheEntity = true 

Remove entity with name : key.

The entity is not deleted

void tlp::GlComposite::deleteGlEntity ( GlSimpleEntity entity,
bool  informTheEntity = true 

Remove given entity.

The entity is not deleted

GlSimpleEntity* tlp::GlComposite::findGlEntity ( const std::string &  key)

Find entity with name : key.

std::string tlp::GlComposite::findKey ( GlSimpleEntity entity)

Find name of given entity.

const std::map<std::string, GlSimpleEntity*>& tlp::GlComposite::getGlEntities ( ) const

Return map of entities in composite.

Definition at line 91 of file GlComposite.h.

virtual void tlp::GlComposite::getXML ( std::string &  outString)

Function to export data in outString (in XML format)

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Reimplemented in tlp::GlGraphComposite.

void tlp::GlComposite::reset ( bool  deleteElems)

Clear the composite.

If deleteElems is true, composite's entities are delete

void tlp::GlComposite::setDeleteComponentsInDestructor ( bool  deleteComponentsInDestructor)

Set if at the destruction of composite, components well be deleted.

Definition at line 112 of file GlComposite.h.

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virtual void tlp::GlComposite::setStencil ( int  stencil)

Set stencil number for all composite's children.

For more information on stencil :

See also

Reimplemented from tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Definition at line 101 of file GlComposite.h.

virtual void tlp::GlComposite::setWithXML ( const std::string &  inString,
unsigned int &  currentPosition 

Function to set data with inString (in XML format)

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Reimplemented in tlp::GlGraphComposite.

virtual void tlp::GlComposite::translate ( const Coord &  mouvement)

translate the composite with children

Reimplemented in tlp::GlAxis.