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tlp::OpenGlConfigManager Class Reference

Singleton used to manage OpenGl configuration. More...

#include <OpenGlConfigManager.h>

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Detailed Description

Singleton used to manage OpenGl configuration.

Singleton used to manage OpenGl configuration

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::activateLineAndPointAntiAliasing ( )
void tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::activatePolygonAntiAliasing ( )
bool tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::canUseGlew ( ) [inline]

Return if glew can be used

void tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::checkDrivers ( )

Check if system has good graphics card drivers

void tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::desactivateLineAndPointAntiAliasing ( )
void tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::desactivatePolygonAntiAliasing ( )
static OpenGlConfigManager& tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::getInst ( ) [inline, static]

Return the current instance. If instance doesn't exist, create it.

bool tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::glewIsInit ( ) [inline]

Glew is init

void tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::initGlew ( )

Init Glew

void tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::setAntiAliasing ( const bool  antialiasing) [inline]
OpenGlErrorViewer* tlp::OpenGlConfigManager::setErrorViewer ( OpenGlErrorViewer errorViewer)

Change the error viewer and return the old one

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