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#include <GlRegularPolygon.h>

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Detailed Description

class to create a regular polygon

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlRegularPolygon::GlRegularPolygon ( const Coord &  position,
const Size &  size,
unsigned int  numberOfSides,
const Color &  outlineColor = Color(255, 0, 0, 255),
const Color &  fillColor = Color(0, 0, 255, 255),
bool  filled = true,
bool  outlined = true,
const std::string &  textureName = "",
float  outlineSize = 1. 


virtual tlp::GlRegularPolygon::~GlRegularPolygon ( ) [virtual]

Default empty destructor

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::GlRegularPolygon::computePolygon ( ) [protected]
unsigned int tlp::GlRegularPolygon::getNumberOfSides ( )

Get the number of Sides

void tlp::GlRegularPolygon::resizePoints ( const unsigned int  number) [virtual]

Set the number of sides (use setNumberOfSides)

Reimplemented from tlp::GlPolygon.

void tlp::GlRegularPolygon::setNumberOfSides ( unsigned int  number)

Set the number of sides

void tlp::GlRegularPolygon::setStartAngle ( float  angle)

Set the start angle

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int tlp::GlRegularPolygon::numberOfSides [protected]
Size tlp::GlRegularPolygon::size [protected]

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