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tlp::GlCubicBSplineInterpolation Class Reference

#include <GlCubicBSplineInterpolation.h>

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A class to draw a curve interpolating a set of points with C^2 continuity

This class allows to draw a cubic B-spline interpolating a set of points. The resulting curve is C^2 continous, so there is no discontinuities in curvature.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlCubicBSplineInterpolation::GlCubicBSplineInterpolation ( const std::vector< Coord > &  pointsToInterpolate,
const Color &  startColor,
const Color &  endColor,
const float  startSize,
const float  endSize,
const unsigned int  nbCurvePoints = 100 

GlCubicBSplineInterpolation constructor

pointsToInterpolatethe set of points to interpolate
startColorthe color at the start of the curve
endColorthe color at the end of the curve
startSizethe width at the start of the curve
endSizethe width at the end of the curve
nbCurvePointsthe number of curve points to generate

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