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tlp::GlColorScale Class Reference

#include <GlColorScale.h>

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Protected Member Functions

  • void update (std::set< Observable * >::iterator begin, std::set< Observable * >::iterator end)
  • void observableDestroyed (Observable *)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tlp::GlColorScale::GlColorScale ( ColorScale *  colorScale,
const Coord &  baseCoord,
const float  length,
const float  thickness,
Orientation  orientation 
tlp::GlColorScale::~GlColorScale ( )

Member Function Documentation

void tlp::GlColorScale::draw ( float  lod,
Camera camera 
) [virtual]

Draw function

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

Coord tlp::GlColorScale::getBaseCoord ( ) const [inline]
Color tlp::GlColorScale::getColorAtPos ( Coord  pos)

Compute the color corresponding to the position in the color scale. The orientation of the scale define the coordinate used to compute the color (if the orientation is horizontal use only the X coordinate). If the position is outside of the entity coordinates returns the nearest extremity value.

ColorScale* tlp::GlColorScale::getColorScale ( ) [inline]
GlPolyQuad* tlp::GlColorScale::getColorScalePolyQuad ( ) const [inline]
float tlp::GlColorScale::getLength ( ) const [inline]
float tlp::GlColorScale::getThickness ( ) const [inline]
void tlp::GlColorScale::getXML ( xmlNodePtr  rootNode) [inline, virtual]

Save the entity in Xml

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

void tlp::GlColorScale::observableDestroyed ( Observable *  ) [inline, protected]
void tlp::GlColorScale::setColorScale ( ColorScale *  scale)
void tlp::GlColorScale::setWithXML ( xmlNodePtr  rootNode) [inline, virtual]

Load entity with Xml

Implements tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

void tlp::GlColorScale::translate ( const Coord &  ) [virtual]

virtual fucntion : Translate entity of vector translation

Reimplemented from tlp::GlSimpleEntity.

void tlp::GlColorScale::update ( std::set< Observable * >::iterator  begin,
std::set< Observable * >::iterator  end 
) [protected]

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