Chapter 4. Plugins Management

Table of Contents

1. Interface
Plugins List
Plugin's Documentation
2. Setup
Add a server
Modify/Remove a server
3. Install/Remove plugins
Simple installation
Installation/Remove with dependencies

To open plugins management click on Plugins in Help menu.

1. Interface

Main window :

The main window is divided in two sides :

  • Left side : Plugins list view

  • Right side : Documentation

Plugins List

The "Installed" group displays the locally installed plugins. The others group displays the plugins available on server.

At the version level you can see the status of the plugin : nothing, version or installed.

  • Nothing : Plugin is not installed.

  • Version number : Plugin is installed, the version number you can see is the locally installed version.

  • Installed : Plugin is installed and its version is the same on the server.

Plugin's Documentation

If you want to see the plugin's documentation, click on the version number of a plugin (not on the checkbox : this is to install/remove plugin).

Documentation is composed in two groups :

  • On the top : brief description of the plugin (version, author, info ...)

  • At the bottom : detailed description of the plugin.